Why C3

If You Conceive It, and You Believe It, C3 Will Help You Achieve It!

“We want and encourage you to dream big. That’s the conceive it part. Now if you believe it with full faith and desire, we will help train and design the roadmap to help you achieve it.”

– Mark Luterman, President

Here are just a few of the reasons to be part of C3:

Our Company Principles:


  • Honesty & Integrity: 

    The very essence of success is built on integrity, honor, truthfulness and fairness. We aim to surround our company with people and allies that create a positive atmosphere, inspire one another possessing the highest and utmost character in every facet of their life.

  • Gratitude:

    We utilize it for our customers, our team members, our alliances and throughout our entire organization.

  • Enriching the Lives of Others: 

    We strive and encourage everyone to enrich the lives and help make a positive difference to those inside and outside our organization. Helping others is the quickest way to achieving a lifetime of success.

  • Accountability: 

    Lack of accountability represents one of life’s greatest deceptions. We believe accountability is the basis for true leadership. From top to bottom, we rely on accountability to help in the growth of our entire organization.

  • Coordinated cooperative effort: 

    We strive to always create a culture of coordinated cooperative effort, which is the process of consistently working together as a unit to achieve the company’s defined purposes. We believe in engaging everyone in our company so that our overall goals are transparent and achievable.

  • Opportunity: 

    We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to grow and prosper, and never remain stagnant. Our company goals are lofty, including enormous growth and expansion. Growth and expansion will lead to many new and exciting opportunities for our team members.

  • Stability: 

    We are very fortunate to be financially stable and please know this isn’t by accident. We have an extremely competent ownership and leadership group who lead with a purpose and well-thought out roadmaps and plans.

  • We’re All In: 
    We are committed to being the biggest, the best, and have the greatest team members in the entire country! Sit back and buckle your seat belt. This rocket ship is about to take off. If you don’t already have a seat, now is the time to get on! From 2 team members to 50 in 2 years. Next target: 500!
  • Education and Training:

    To master your profession and be the best, you must be an expert and that requires a commitment to classroom and on-the-job-training, mentorship and continuing education. We provide all of those. See the Mentoring webpage for more in-depth detail.

  • Compensation, Bonuses, Benefits and Perks:

    See our Compensation webpage for our exciting packages.

  • Uniqueness:
    To be great, you have to be unique and different from others in your industry. And we are different!! We ‘beat to our own drum’, never worrying about others. We think different, act different, lead with courage and conviction, act decisively and never surrender to procrastination. And we make sure every team member is heard when they have constructive suggestions and recommendations.

    No one person, including the owners, is more important than the company. We believe in engaging everyone in our company so that our overall goals are transparent and achievable.