Mastering Your Profession

In order to be highly successful, you must master your profession and become an expert. In order to help with that endeavor, C3 is committed to educating, mentoring and training our team members. We see education as a necessary, critical and worthwhile investment. Here is a list of how we do that:

Virtual Training

Your first two weeks are all about training, conducted via Zoom virtual conferences with all our new sales team members. It is hosted by our Director of Training, Brady Mai.

In-Field Training
Following the virtual training, you’ll be paired with one of our Directors of Sales, depending on your territory. Then you will shadow another experienced sales team member. The in-field training usually lasts several months.
Roadmap Reviews

Roadmap Reviews are a proprietary tool, which we developed to help develop a clear roadmap to success. Roadmap reviews are engaging, show team members the company cares about their success and they have a built–in accountability mechanism by creating goals to achieve and expected completion dates.

Company Online Training App

C3 has developed an online training app just for our team members. The app features:

  • An entire sales training course
  • Courses on all our software applications
  • How to videos on virtually all of our office and field tasks
  • A library of self-help classic books
Reference Guide

We supply you with a reference guide/training manual that you can refer to at any given time. The reference guide is a quick way to help you find answers to questions on our software and our products/services.